Visiting Regulations

Visiting Regulations
1. You may enter the ZOO only after buying and presenting an admission ticket.
2. In the ZOO Gdańsk it is prohibited to:
  • being beyond opening hours,
  • driving a car without a valid pass,
  • bringing dogs, cats and other animals,
  • bringing alcohol and being drunk,
  • bringing and riding on all sorts of bikes, including children’s bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters, etc.,
  • children under 10 years old unaccompanied by adults,
  • moving outside the designated sightseeing route,
  • frightening, irritating, feeding animals and throwing objects on the animal habitats,
  • smoking tobacco inside rooms and pavilions,
  • climbing barriers and fences,
  • bring balloons and any objects that make noise,
  • bring and use drones.
3. It is prohibited to canvassing, door-to-door trade, distributing advertisements and leaflets. This prohibition applies throughout the entire ZOO and car parking.
4. The management of the ZOO is not responsible for accidents and damages resulting from non-compliance with these regulations.
5. The visitor is responsible for all damages and losses resulting from his fault.

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