Southern Ground Hornbill

Southern Ground Hornbill


Southern ground hornbill mainly lives in dry climates in the savannas and grasslands of central Africa.


These birds are non-migratory, they are ground dwelling and rarely aboreal. They live in pairs or small groups, up to 11 birds. Within each group there
is a dominant pair of male and female. Other members of the group are “workers” or juveniles, too young to leave their family group.


The main food of hornbills are insects. This predatory species also eats land animals, including amphibians, small mammals, and some reptiles.
Hornbills sometimes store their food in “pantries” where they arrange their victims in a row.


Southern ground hornbills are monogamous. Attraction is based on size of the bird. Mating occurs in early summer but not every year. They lay 2 eggs but usually one chick will survive.


They make sounds that are often described as booming. They create this sound by enlarging their air sacs and then releasing air.

  • Latin name: Bucorvus leadbeateri
  • IUCN –Red List – VU – vulnerable
  • ESB –  European Studbook

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