Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo


Western and central Australia. Its range encompasses scrubland, grassland, and desert habitats. It typically inhabits open habitats with some trees for shade.


Red kangaroos live in groups of 2–4 members. The most common groups are females and their young. Males are not territorial, fighting only over females that come into heat. Red kangaroos arenmainly active in the cool of the evening or night.


Red kangaroo primarily eat green vegetation, particularly fresh grasses and forbs. During dry times, kangaroos search for green plants by staying on open grassland and near watercourses.


Breeds all year round. The female gives birth to one young, in an early stage of development, after only 33 days. Young kangaroo is blind, hairless and measure only 2 cm. The young continue to develop in the breeding bag, There are nipples in the bag, from which the young drink their mother’s milk They can stay in the bag for about 230 days!


Red kangaroos hop along on their powerful hind legs and do so at great speed. A red kangaroo can reach speeds of over 60 km am hour.

  • Latin name: Macropus rufus
  • IUCN –Red List – LC – least concern
  • ESB –  European Studbook

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