Red-Breasted Goose

Red-Breasted Goose


this goose lives in the northern areas of central Asia. It spends winter north of the Black Sea. During the breeding season it prefers areas with low vegetation.
In winter, it is found near streams, lakes and swamps.


Although it is a small goose, it can be aggressive and tenacious, especially towards individuals of its own species. It has a characteristic loud voice.


Leaves, stems and green parts of aquatic plants.


There are usually 6 ggs in the nest. The bird starts incubation even before the last snow in Siberia melts. Chicks hatch after 24 days of incubation. They start to feed on freshly germinated grass.


Barnacles often lay their eggs near the nests of a snowy owl or a peregrine falcon. Such companionship provides their broods with protection against predators.

  • Latin name: Branta ruficollis
  • IUCN Red List – VU – Vulnerable
  • CITES Appendix II

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