Ornate Mastigure

Ornate Mastigure


Stony deserts and semi-deserts with poor vegetation in the areas of Egypt, Yemen, Israel and Saudi Arabia.


They lead a diurnal lifestyle, dig deep burrows, which they use for thermoregulation. They help to survive in an environment with significant temperature amplitudes (11-37 ℃).


Uromastyx are herbivores, their diet includes leaves, flowers and fruits of suchophilous plants. Young individuals supplement their diet with animal food – mainly insects (e.g. from the order of cockroaches).


After the hibernation period, there is a mating season, during which the males intensively color and become aggressive. In the spring, females prepare to lay eggs in burrows they have dug. The young hatch after 2-3 months.


The name Uromastyx comes from the characteristic tail covered with sharp scales, which has three functions: it stores fat, is used for fights, and also clogs the entrances to e.g. rock crevices, thus protecting the owner of the burrows from predators.

  • latin name: Uromastyx Ornata
  • IUCN Red List – LC -least concern

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