Nanday Parakeet

Nanday Parakeet


This species is native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay and inhabits forest and savanna. There are several wild populations in Buenos Aires
and California.


They are very social and will often accumulate while foraging. Several hundred birds can gather in the roosts. After breeding season all birds build large communal roosts until the next breeding season.


Wild birds feed on seeds, fruit, palm nuts, berries, flowers and flower buds. In some places they are considered pests as they may also feed on crops.


The parrot builds the nest in holes of trees where it lays 3-5 eggs. The clutch contains 3-5 eggs that are incubated for 24 days. The chicks reach fledging age
after 8 weeks.


Nanday parakeet is closely related to Jandaya, Blue-crowned and Sun Parakeets and hybrids are known to occur between those species.

  • łacińska nazwa: Aratinga nenday
  • nazwa angielska: Nanday Parakeet
  • Status zagrożenia: IUCN –Red List – LC – least concern/ mniejszej troski

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