Hermann’s Tortoise

Hermann’s Tortoise


It occurs in Europe on the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It prefers inland and coastal forest habitats.


He leads a daily lifestyle. This turtle hibernates through winter till February. In summer, during hot weather, it becomes aestivated.


Its food consists mainly of grasses, leaves and flowers. In the absence of plant food, it hunts insects and eats molluscs.


It breeds right after winter hibernation. The female lays eggs in the forest, in a self-dug hollow, and then buries them. After 90 days, the young hatch, but only when the temperature of the ground, where the eggs are buried, fluctuates between 23 and 34 ⁰C. The sex of the offspring is directly related to the incubation temperature – mostly males hatch at higher temperatures.


Threats to the species: fires in the natural environment, elimination of natural habitats through the development of tourist infrastructure.

  • latin name: Testudo hermanni
  • IUCN Red List– NT – near threatened
  • CITES – Appendix II

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