Grey Seal

Grey Seal


Western and Eastern parts of the North Atlantic. In the Baltic Sea, it lives in the coastal zones of Sweden, Finland and Estonia. In Poland, it is most often found in the region. Gulf of Gdańsk and Puck. Subarctic and temperate waters around the coasts.


A migratory species, it leads a semi-terrestrial lifestyle. The males gather harems around them and defend their territory. The herd communicates through voice and flippers on its own body. It can sleep on land, on the surface of the water, or under water. It can dive to a depth of over 200 meters and stay underwater for about 20 minutes.


Mainly fish, less often crustaceans and clams. It obtains water from fish tissues.


Pregnancy lasts 11.5 months. Births take place in February and March, either on land or on ice. The body weight of the newborn is 11-20 kg. For 3 weeks, the mother feeds the cubs with milk with a fat content of 40-50%.


Threats to the species: by-catch – juveniles often become entangled in fishing nets and they die due to lack of access to air; lack of peace in their habitat; environment pollution.

  • Latin name: Halichoerus grypus
  • IUCN –Red List – LC – least concern
  • ESB –  European Studbook

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