Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl


Eagle owls primarily live in the Palearctic region. These owls can be found in many different kinds of habitats including wooded areas (coniferous forests), warm deserts, mountain ranges and open areas.


Nocturnal. Its activity is focused in the first few hours after sunset and the last few hours before sunrise. Eagle-owls have a number of different vocalizations which birds usually use on colder months. One of the calls is used to mark borders of its territory.


It feeds mostly on mammals from small rodents to hares and birds to the size of herons and buzzards, but it also consumes reptiles, frogs, fish and larger insects.


The species is monogamous. It nests on sheltered cliff ledges, on the ground , occasionally it uses old nests of other species and rarely in hole in tree.
Egg laying begins in late winter. Clutches are usually two to four eggs.


Eagle owls have relatively long life spans once they reach adulthood. In the wild, they live for approximately 20 years and more than 60 years in captivity.

  • Latin name: Bubo bubo
  • IUCN –Red List – LC – least concern

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