Azara’s agouti

Azara’s agouti


Agouti lives in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Found in the edges of tropical forests, savannas and farmlands. Deforestation is one of the major threats to this species continued existence.


Agouti builds burrows and sleeping places in hollow logs, among limestone boulders, under tree roots. Smell plays a very important role in mutual communication.


Azara’s Agouti diet mainly consists of nuts, fruits and plant material. Known as “jungle gardeners” due to their habit of burying seeds and forgetting them, thus helping new plants to grow.


The species forms monogamous pairs. During courtship, the male sprinkles the female with urine, which provokes her to a specific mating dance. Newborns are fully hairy, their eyes are open and they are able to move actively after the first hours of life.


Also known as one of the only animal that can open a Brazil nut unaided, using its exceptionally sharp teeth and jaw strength.

  • Latin name: Dasyprocta azarae
  • IUCN –Red List – DD – data deficient
  • ESB –  European Studbook

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