Dromedary Camel

Dromedary Camel


Africa, the Arabian Peninsula. Artificially introduced into Australia.Desert and semi-arid areas.


The dromedary camel leads a daytime lifestyle. It spends the night mostly resting. Dromedary camel forms compact group with 20 other individuals, consisting of several females led by a dominant male.


Plants with a high salt content, thorny branches of shrubs. It is fed by humans with dates, grass and grain. Extremely resistant to the lack of water. A dehydrated camel drinks 150 liters of water at a time.


Sexual maturity is reached in 4-5 years of age. Gestation lasts 13 months. The female gives birth to 1 young. Milk feeding lasts at least all year round.
Life expectancy is up to 40 years.


The dromedary camel was domesticated around 6,000 years ago and has been serving humans in dry and hot climates ever since, as a riding animal and packs, and is also a source of milk, meat, wool and leather. It does not occur in the wild.

  • Latin name: Camelus dromedarius
  • IUCN –Red List – NE – not evaluated

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