Chiloe Wigeon

Chiloe Wigeon


Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Brazil. It lives in freshwater reservoirs: lakes, ponds, swamps and slow rivers. It feeds on meadows and pastures.


This species lives in pairs, rarely in small groups. However, it hibernates in larger groups. Among other species of warbler, it is distinguished by the fact that the pair form a bond for more than one breeding season.


Mainly aquatic vegetation: green parts of plants, seeds and small invertebrates living in water and diversifying the diet.


It builds its nest on the ground, in a place well hidden among vegetation. The female lays up to 9 eggs and incubates them herself. The male defends the territory and the chicks. After hatching, young nestlings follow their parents who look after their offspring together.


There are only three wigeon species in the world – the species living in Poland has very few breeding sites in the north of the country.

  • Latin name: Mareca sibilatrix
  • IUCN Red List – LC – least concern

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