Common chuckwalla

Common chuckwalla


Chuckwalla lives in the southwestern USA and in the northwestern part of Mexico.

It inhabits rocky areas such as cliffs and mountain peaks, as well as shrublands.

czy też zarośla.


They are diurnal. They have more tolerance to high temperatures than most lizards.


Chuckwallas are mostly herbivorous lizards. In the wild, their diet consists of more than 22 plant species. They mostly feed on slightly dried parts, only for a short period of time – in the spring, they have access to fresh, juicy parts of plants, such as flowers.


The mating season usually begins about a month after the end of wintering. The mating itself looks similar to most “social” lizards. After doing a few “push-ups” to impress the female, the male starts chasing the female, trying to grab her by the neck with his jaws. Copulation can last up to about 15 minutes. Female lay from 5 to even 15 eggs.


Males have a more contrasting coloration, and their femoral pores are well developed, while in females they are almost invisible.

  • latin name: Sauromalus ater
  • IUCN Red List: LC – least concern

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